Notice of AGM

Notice of AGM

The North Huon Cricket Club will hold its Annual General Meeting on on Thursday, August 23 from 7pm at the Ranelagh Clubrooms.

This is a great chance to come along and see how the club is progressing, and have a voice in the future direction of the Club.

Whilst the Club has a steady committee currently, there is always a chance to hep out, and the possibility of splitting some of the roles to share the workload.

If you are interested in helping out over the coming season, or just want to come along for a look, you will be more than welcome.

Order of Business will be:

  1. Acceptance of Previous Minutes
  2. Presentation of Audited Financial Report
  3. Election of Office Bearers and General Committee
  4. Appointment of Auditor
  5. Determination of remuneration of Servants to the Club
  6. Determination of Trophy Qualifications
  7. Setting of Subs for the upcoming season
  8. Association to be affiliated with
  9. Presidents Report
  10. Any Special Business
    1. Adjustment of Constitution on the Guidelines and Nomination of Life Members.